I'm Listening

"…We all realize that the ability to read requires training…the same would appear to be true of speaking and listening … training is required … Likewise, skill in listening is either a native gift or it must be acquired by training." – Mortimer J Adler

A "native gift"…Innate, meaning you come into the world with it. I believe that the beauty expert has this innate gift of listening. The innate gift of being a people person, "One who serves others through their creativity."

Listening may be a native gift but there are times in our life that we may not have enough "room" to actively listen. 
There are many times within a day that I may not feel able to recieve any more information. The patience, compassion and empathy needed to listen will not be available. There may be training for active listening, but I think the most valuable tool is to make room for listening. If I have anger, resentment and fear pushing at the seams of my whole being I have to start with relieving this. One way is to relieve these on to paper with release writing(journal, crumple it up and tops it, or have a fire ceremony and burn it)…expressing them into energy/exercise, and speaking them to another in a safe and sacred space. Incrementaly relieving these obstacles I can start to make space for more listening. Because as an artist that serves others through their creativity you are listeing with more than your mind, your listening with your whole being.