I Am a Human on the Verge of an Expansion

I am human, woman, mother, wife and fellow tribesman. And I am feeling the discomfort of being a spiritual being having a human experience. 
I have an internal pendulum that swings very drastically in different directions… often. Though I would have to say that in the past few years the frequency of this swing is less abrupt and not as able to catch me off guard. When I begin to feel the internal momentum of a swing coming it doesn’t feel quite as uncomfortable as it used to because I have grown from the workings of the shift. The little pieces of information I have gathered along the way are starting to actually help me see through the minutia of my monkey mind. That when shit gets loud and the thoughts get possessive of my time I am able to ask for help. God, save me from being angry. Father Sun, Mother Earth I am thankful.
God, Goddess, Guiding Light, Guardian Angels… I ask IT ALL. ALL. I can ask IT ALL because I am IT ALL. And when my mind starts to tell me I have to “figure it out” I ask to be guided, I ask to get the fuck out of the way. 
Past experience shows that I may not actually be having a break down but a break through. An expansion. And if I am willing to sit through the discomfort of not knowing the outcome, the Light can come into the dark. 
Through this shift, the past has shown me that I may be able to have a new perspective, a new feeling and a broad range of experiential wisdom. That when I can see all the discomfort gave me the birthing of more of the me that needed to be here, then I can, and will, gladly go there.

Happy Expanding my dear human.